Fish Finger Cookies and Custard

Season 5 Episode 1 “The Eleventh Hour”. Also the start of the eleventh Doctor played by Matt Smith. A newly regenerated Doctor crashes his Tardis in the yard of a little girl named Amy Pond.  Ravenous from his regeneration, the little girl starts making him food. All of which he is instantly excited about, and then promptly disgusted by before he throws each attempt away. Apples are rubbish, bacon is poisonous, beans are evil, bread and butter better not come back, and only crazy people eat carrots. And then, out of the blue, the perfect candidate is chosen!

” I know what I need! I need… I need… I need… fish fingers and custard!”

Thus the very strange and very beloved meal was born. Fish fingers and custard. I do suggest you try it, as one of my favorite youtube stars has done here.

I’m told it will grow on you, and isn’t as awful as it sounds! But I myself have yet to try it. But if you are looking for a slightly less odd meal with the same charm, I have to suggest fish finger cookies and custard! They are something I have tried several times, and made for my doctor who themed birthday party when I turned 18. They are pretty tasty as well. So here’s the recipe! 

Don’t they look delicious? I’m so glad I found this recipe, and lots of thanks to the person who made it! So feel free to make your own! The Doctor ate them the day he met Amy, and in future episodes you see him sitting with Rory and Amy, snacking on them once more. So snack on them yourself.

Share them with a special young girl in your life maybe?

Or share them in front of the television with your Mr. Pond, Mrs. Pond, or Doctor.

Either way, enjoy them for what they are. An 11th Doctor original! And our first link to a Doctor Who recipe. 🙂


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