I’m Not Ready For 12!

I heard the rumor that Matt Smith will be leaving Doctor Who right away. Apparently despite the fact he’s supposed to be around for another year, that rumor is floating around a lot because he’s supposed to star in a new movie this year. Of course I immediately googled this to find out that BBC was denying it and he should still be around for a while, but before I googled it I had a moment of pure panic. I’m not ready for Matt to leave yet! I’m really not! I love Matt! And he only just got his new companion! Thoughts raced through my mind. What if the new Doctor is a stuck-up prick? What if he’s not quirky? What if we have another heart-breaking “I don’t want to go” moment from Matt? What if the new Doctor is annoying? What if he doesn’t meet the standards previous Doctors have set? What if he ruins Doctor Who? All of those unreasonable thoughts clouded my head instantly!  It made me want to cry! It made me want to run up to Matt Smith and whimper “I don’t want you to go!”

I’m not good with change as it is! I knew we’d get a new Doctor eventually but for a moment I thought it would be sooner than I could be ready for! And that scared me! Which just made me realize how NOT ready for twelve I am. I should be excited about this! I should wonder what his new catch-phrase will be. I should wonder what quirky fashion statement he’ll bring in. I should wonder what his personality will be like. Will the Doctor finally be ginger? Will he hate pears? Will he hate apples? Will he still love bananas? Will he have a lovable outspoken slightly lacking in tact personality like David Tennant? Will he be the mixture of childish and innocent and dark and forbidding like Matt Smith? Will he be blunt and rude and dependable like Christopher Eccleston? What kind of shoes will he wear? Will River still recognize him or will she be gone? Will he change the Tardis’ desktop theme again? Will they change the intro AGAIN? Will he have the strict no families rule? Will he have the family drama like Matt? Oh MY goodness! What IS going to happen?

And then the question Taylor and I and probably all Gallifreyan geek girls are wondering. . . Will he be hot? I hope he’s hot! And PLEASE God, PLEASE don’t let him be a snob, an asshole, or a prick! Let him be lovable! Please don’t let all the things that have happened to him make him an asshole. Don’t make them add in so much drama it ruins Doctor Who! Don’t let them think that making him a dark moody broody asshole would be a good plot twist!

I am so glad that Matt isn’t leaving yet. Of course I knew he would be leaving soon enough. Of course I noticed when he started looking older. Comparing the boyish face he had in his first episodes to how he looks now, it’s easy to see he’s changed. But I don’t want him to go yet. I want time to adjust to the fact he’s leaving. I want time to get to know Clara Oswin Oswald so that it doesn’t feel like everything changed at once. Everything JUST changed with the Christmas special, I’m not ready for more change! And that mini heart attack I had when I thought Matt was leaving certainly pointed that out to me.

So one last time I am going to repeat myself. I AM NOT READY FOR TWELVE!

In fact, I am a mess of panic and curiosity and fear.  I’m glad I have some time to adjust! I just have to remember its the same man, just played by a new man. I have to remember they wouldn’t ruin the Doctor. Would they? I sure hope not! They’d keep him quirky and lovable. . . Right? . . .

Is anyone else feeling like I am? Or are you ready? Are you curious? Afraid? How do you feel about a new Doctor? Comment all about it! 🙂



2 thoughts on “I’m Not Ready For 12!

  1. Matt smith is my favorite Dr and he can never be replaced! When he leaves it will be so hard to keep watching he’s just so perfect at his role!

  2. Matt Smith is fantastic and it will be really sad to see him go but I am to interested in seeing where they go in the future to not be kinda looking forward to the next Dr.

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