A Call For Peace


You heard me. I’m calling for peace. For a cease fire! Today I feel the urge to write on a very important subject. That subject is war. Yes, I do know this is a Doctor Who blog, slow down and listen. I’m talking about war among fandoms! I’m talking about the constant battle over whos form of geekery is better. We all take part in it. We all compare fandoms and assume ours is better than theirs. Well. . . I have something to say about that. . . . STOP!

I am honestly tired of seeing geeks put each other down simply because the others are a part of a fandom they don’t like. What does it accomplish? I mean, REALLY, come on guys. Think about it.  You like what you like, they like what they like.  They aren’t hurting you. Or even worse, fighting over characters in ONE fandom. Really? How lame is that? Or forcing people to decide which fandom they like the most.

Is it just me, or are we not required to choose? Last I checked we could be a part of many fandoms. Asking a geek to choose which aspect of their geekery is their favorite may sometimes work sure, but then some geeks might feel it’s like asking them to choose a favorite child. It can’t be done. You love them all. Sometimes in different ways, sometimes at different times, often for different reasons. They can not be compared.  They just can’t.

Whether you want to be the Doctors companion, or a shield maiden of Rohan. Whether your weapon of choice is a lightsaber or a sonic screwdriver. Whether you like to speak in Klingon or write in circle Gallifreyan. Whether you have an unnatural obsession with blood like Dexter, or whether you’re a socially awkard genius like Sheldon. You can play Mario, or you can play Zelda. You can root for Hogwarts, Middle Earth, Gallifrey, or even Ponyville in Equestria. You may or may not know what a chakram is.  You may have dreams (or nightmares) about what it would be like to be in the arena during the Hunger Games.  You can be the perfect employee for Torchwood OR for Warehouse 13. In fact, if you think you have the stamina, why not both? Sail the seven seas with Jack Sparrow and THEN sail the universe with Jack Harkness. Both are lovely trips, I promise!

Okay, okay, I probably have forgotten many fandoms! If you have more comparisons to fit my point, put them in the comments! What I’m trying to say though, is that you can be a part of any, and many, fandoms. You don’t have to fight with other fandoms! Just enjoy the ones you’re a part of and let others enjoy the ones they are a part of. Leave it at that. I’m quite sure that if the Doctor saw you insulting someone simply because they are a part of a fandom you don’t like or aren’t a part of the fandom that is your life, he would NOT find it fantastic. Neither would Yoda. Or Gandalf. Or Dumbledore. Sheldon might approve though. But that’s besides the point! I call for peace among the galaxies! Isn’t that what our favorite heros fight for? I do believe it is! So help them achieve it. Stop fighting. Find peace! Unite with other geeks! We can do it!

Personally, I’m a future companion of the Doctors and also happen to be a timelord. I am also a shield maiden of Rohan. In my spare time I not only work for Torchwood, but Warehouse 13 as well! I know both Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Jack Harkness quite well. And thanks to wibbly wobbly timey wimey, I still have time to play some playstation and collect the blood of my victims to hide behind my air condition.  Although with my sonic screwdriver, my chakram, my lightsaber, and my Tesla in tow it’s probably not fair for me to go into the arena, is it? I might have used them to help save Middle Earth though.

I am a whovian. And as a whovian, I strongly approve of exploring not just galaxies, but kingdoms, and yes, fandoms. Now, take up your sonic screwdriver, and fight for peace among fandoms.  IN THE NAME OF GEEKERY, WE CAN CO-EXIST!




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