Introducing Ferdinand

Hey there, Rebekah here. A new post just like I promised on the facebook page. If you haven’t liked our facebook page, go do so now. There’s a link in the sidebar. Now in this picture, please excuse the fact that I look like a zombie.  It’s not me that’s important. It’s my adipose buddy! I sewed him together myself.

FerdinandHis name as you have probably guessed is Ferdinand. Ferdinand the Fat. Not trying to say he’s chubby. I’m sure you all remember that adipose are made of human fat.  Ferdy on the other hand is made of stuffing and fabric. Making him relatively easy to make one yourself. Just cut out, sew  on some eyes, glue on a smile, sew together, and stuff! And you have your very own Doctor Who adipose buddy. They make good friends.  I realize this post is short, but I promise to spend time tonight preparing for many other posts I have to come!

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