The Things We Say

Ah geez. When you’re a big fan of something, sometimes it takes over your entire life.  Doctor Who does that. In a good way. Whovian thoughts start to overtake everything you do and say. And that is the basis for this post. The things we say.

What inspired this post you say? Well. Last night I was taking a bath. And while in that bath, I saw my make-up remover sitting on the side of the tub. I think a lot while in the bath, and my make-up remover has one thing that would of course catch my eye. It’s name. Ponds. Ponds Cold Cream. So I sat there contemplating Ponds Cold Cream and found myself asking myself if their sales had gone up since Amelia Pond became the Doctors companion. I wonder how hard it would be to find that out. But we all know things don’t have to have companions names in them to spark a whovian thought process.

It’s snowing and you test to see if it’s cold so you know whether its snow or ash.  If it’s Christmas, you double check. If you live in London, you triple check. If you live elsewhere, you wonder what’s going on in London.

It’s dark at night and you swear you saw that shadow move. Speaking of which, the shadows in my hallway move. Literally. It’s creepy. I swear the Vashta Nerada have overtaken my hallway.

This St. Patrick’s day I saw a bow tie with a clover pattern. Of course I bought it. Bow ties are cool. A bow tie for every occasion would be great!

And then there’s the times when a Doctor Who fan page posts a picture of a Weeping Angel. You flip. Of course you do. As a true fan you know full well the image of an angel becomes an angel! Do they WANT all the Doctor Who fans to be sent back in time so that our time energy can be feasted on by a bunch of Angels?

But then again, are we just fans? Or are we timelords who have lost their pocket watches? Or are we future companions waiting to be taken away?

Our favorite colors suddenly have competition because we want everything we own to be in Tardis Blue. Because that’s “true blue”.

People think we’re crazy because we carry our sonic screwdrivers everywhere. I’ll be in the middle of the college and loudly exclaim “OH NO! MY SONIC SCREWDRIVER IS AT HOME!” and not care who looks at me like I’m mad.

People start to argue with me over Doctor Who and I always have information to prove to them I know exactly what I’m talking about.

Yesterday someone was arguing with me over Doctor Who and someone came up behind me and informed him that he shouldn’t argue with me because if anyone knew her stuff about Doctor Who it was me, because I even have a sonic screwdriver toothbrush.

Which brings me to my next point. We don’t just have sonic screwdrivers. We have the toothbrush version. The flashlight version. And those of us with a little more cash  to spend might even have the tv remote version. Why? Because everything could be a little more sonic. Who looks at a toothbrush and thinks “This could be a little more sonic”? We do! Of COURSE we do!

This is who we are. Our lives are overtaken by our love for all things Gallifreyan  and the Doctor and the Tardis and everything sonic. This is who we are and they influence the things we say.

Which brings me to show you guys a couple of cool youtube videos about the “Sh*t Doctor Who Fans Say”. 🙂


Hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did!  As always, comment, share, like our facebook page, send in ideas!  Spread the love for Doctor Who! You know you want to. Oh, and check out our new twitter account BeatOfTwoHearts .

Thanks for reading, and Allon-sy!



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