Why Do We Love Doctor Who?

It’s easy to say: “I love Doctor Who!” or “I’m a Whovian.” But it’s more than just being a fan or stating that we are. The question is: Why? Why are we Whovians? Why do we love this show with such a great passion? I think if we are willing to answer these questions within ourselves, we can get an understanding of why Doctor Who means so much to us. I have quite a few reasons as to why I am a Whovian.. they may be and probably are different from yours and that is great=) We all have our various reasons.

1. It’s more than just a T.V. show

We all get hooked on certain shows where it seems like it is much more than fiction. The characters, emotions, and stories are real to us. We feel their pain, we cry, we laugh, we smile like idiots, we get angry.. This is Doctor Who to me. It’s more than just a cool sci-fi British show… it draws me in emotionally and I feel that connection with what is going on as if it were real life.

2. The Creativity – It’s Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey…Stuff.

It’s unlike anything I have seen before. Yes I am familiar with the time travel idea, as it has been incorporated in many other shows and movies. But I’m telling you, Doctor Who has been around a lot longer than Back to the Future. Every aspect is unique and amazing in all the brilliant stories have been told since 1963.. (I am not yet familiar with classic Doctor Who, but I have heard it is great).

3. The Doctor… enough said..the name speaks for itself doesn’t it?;)

Yes this is the part where I fangirl a bit, so bear with me. I can’t help it! The Doctor just has this thing about him that makes you love him. Yes, he is a bit.. um what’s the word.. arrogant? But his sweet side is much more present. And doesn’t he have a right to be arrogant anyway? He has saved the world countless times. =) Doctors 9, 10, and 11.. are just sexy. Yes I said it, I’m sorry but it’s true. They are geeky and lovable and smart and adorable. The list could go on forever! Also, all the Doctors have their own unique fashion sense and personality to match. The fact that Whovians can pick which one to call “my Doctor” is amazing. They have one Doctor they relate and identify with… and can fangirl over. =) Well not everyone has to fangirl, but I like it. And Rebekah too! We are experts at fangirlin’.

4. The Companions!

The Doctor has had quite a few companions and each of them are special and have their own personality, just like each of the Doctors. The companions are an important aspect; they bring their skills and qualities to the table. Without them… well, the doctor would be lonely and possibly dead.  Remember the first episode of new Doctor Who, where Rose saves the Doctor’s butt from the Autons? How could we forget? Oh! And at the end of season 1, she destroys the Daleks and revives Captain Jack (Oh my goodness, I could go on about him). Oh and when Martha Jones saves the world from the Master at the end of season 3! Amazing. Well, I think I’ve made my point. =) And other companions such as Donna, Amy, Rory, and Sarah Jane have helped the Doctor save planets numerous times. Next time you consider dissing one of the companions, remember that. =)

I could go into more detail, but then this would be super long to read and I don’t want to make it too long. But I hoped you enjoyed reading this! And I hope it makes you think of the reasons why you love Doctor Who and why it means a lot to you. ♥

P.S. Comments are great! If would mean a lot if you would comment on our posts and give us your feedback. Thanks! =)



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