New Playlist!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you all know that we have a new playlist. To find playlists, go up to the menu in the upper right corner, scroll over “Doctor Who Media!” so that the Media menu pops out, and either scroll over  “Playlists!” and select a page, or just click on Playlists and pick one from the playlist page.  Our new one is a playlist of our favorite behind the scenes videos. These are videos from the lives of the characters from Doctor Who. Of course the playlist is incomplete! We’ll keep adding to it and when we have a bunch of new videos we’ll keep you updated.

To get to our playlist, just click these pretty colorful words here. Right here, these ones.

Please check it out!  If you’ve found a good video, e-mail the link to us at with your idea and we’ll review it and maybe add it to the list!  I hope you guys like the playlist!



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