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604108_536228999730839_849918661_n  Just a couple of girls from that beautiful planet located in a binary star system in the constellation of Kasterborous.  Where the sky is a burnt orange and the trees are silver and the rising sun sets the forest on fire.

Whether you wish you were a timelord or a timelady, or you wish you were a companion, deep down in your heart you’ve made Gallifrey your home. Like we have. In our hearts we are the daughters of Gallifrey. And proud to be so!

Never be ashamed to be a geek, a whovian, a timelord, a timelady, or a companion. Instead, join others like you. Right here. Right now. Under the bright orange sky. In Gallifrey.

~Daughters of Gallifrey

557638_4607357788011_4819704_nAuthor Name: Rebekah Williamson

Contact E-mail: ilookedintothetardis@gmail.com

Hello! My name is Rebekah. I am one of the authors of this blog. I have been a whovian for several years, and I love collecting more Doctor Who items. My sonic screwdriver makes me feel safer at night in the dark. My David Tennant coat makes me feel confident walking around town. I like to wear bow ties, and I eat fish sticks and custard! My favorite doctor is David Tennant, but Matt Smith is a very close second! Also, Rose Tyler is my favorite companion, with Amy Pond coming in at second.  I am a second generation whovian, my mom grew up watching every episode of the classic doctor who show as the episodes came out. I have yet to watch the Classics myself, but I have seen every episode of the new series. A couple of my favorite Doctor Who bad guys would be the Angels and the Vashta Nerada. Speaking of Vashta Nerada, I swear the shadows in my hallway move of their own accord more often than I like.  I’m also quite fond of the adipose, but I’m sure if I mentioned all of my favorite creatures I’d be here for hours typing away. Anyway! Grab the fish fingers and custard and get reading! Dive right into our blog with a “GERONIMO!”



Author Name: Taylor Bricker
Contact Email: iamthedaughterofgallifrey@gmail.com

Hello my name is Taylor! I am an author of this blog, along with my best friend Rebekah. She has been a Whovian for as long as I can remember, but it was only a few months ago that I listened to her and finally started watching Doctor Who myself! I’m happy I did, because now I am a Whovian too! I may not have many Doctor Who collectibles yet, but trust me when I have enough money, I will get some. I want a sonic screwdriver and a 10th Doctor’s coat of my own. The 10th Doctor is my favorite Doctor (Though I still haven’t watched the 11th Doctor much yet). I do love the 9th Doctor, just for the sole fact he was the first of the new series and started it off with a bang. He may not be as quirky as the others, but he still makes a great Doctor. My favorite companion is Rose most definitely, though I do love Martha and Donna. All bring their unique qualities to the table and help the Doctor tremendously on the journey through time and space. And of course, the Tardis is amazing too. Without the Tardis, the Doctor would not be able to go anywhere. 🙂

To get to the point of what I am saying: Doctor Who is an amazing show. It is engaging, interesting, creepy, fun, hilarious, and serious all at the same time. It messes with my emotions. I find myself laughing, crying, smiling, confused, frustrated, angry… it’s just amazing. I love it.

So, I hope you enjoy our blog! Thanks for reading!



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