Where To Find Us:

Our Facebook Page: This is our Facebook page! We update it often with random Doctor Who posts and updates about this blog and our YouTube account! Please like us!

Our YouTube Account: Our YouTube account where we will post playlists and add Doctor Who related videos!

Personal Pages:

Taylor’s Doctor Who Board: Doctor Who pins!

Rebekah’s Doctor Who Board: Pins, pins gallore!

Rebekah’s Doctor Who Mash-up Board:  Doctor Who meets. . . Whatever it happens to meet!

Rebekah’s Minimalist Doctor Who Poster Board: Exactly what it says on the tin. Doctor Who minimalist posters.

Places We Love:

ThinkGeek Doctor Who Page: One of our favorite places to find Doctor Who toys and collectables!

Etsy: Find cool handmade Doctor Who items here!

Fun Sites:

Doctor Who Quotes:  One site of Doctor Who quotes! I like this one because it has all the best ones that are simple. -Rebekah

Tenth Doctor Quotes: Well what are you waiting for? Allonsy!

Pages of Lists:

Doctor Who Villains: Ever wanted a list of all the bad guys of Doctor Who? Here it is!


Doctor Who – Worlds In Time: A fun Doctor Who game! Make an account and play! 🙂


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