Doctor Who Trivia!

This a page for facts and trivia about Doctor Who!

~Did you know that 10.81 million viewers watched the original airing of the first episode of the New Doctor Who (March 26, 2005), which is a 44.84% audience share.

~Christopher Eccleston (9th Doctor) was unfamiliar with Doctor Who because he was never a fan of the original series. He prepared for the role of the Doctor by watching the DVD of “The Talons of Weng-Chiang”, a Tom Baker adventure originally broadcast in 1977.

~Christopher Eccleston is actually the third person to play the Ninth Doctor, but his Doctor is the only official one.

~David Walliams and Bill Night were both considered for the role of the Tenth Doctor, but it went to David Tennant instead.

~In the episode “Tooth and Claw”, when the Doctor poses as a Scottish physician, David Tennant is actually speaking with his own accent, the first and only time he was able to do that during his time in the role as the Tenth Doctor.

~In the episode “School Reunion”, To make Sarah Jane and Rose continue laughing during one scene, the make-up artist painted a mustache on David Tennant without them knowing until he came on the set.

~Both  Freema Agyeman and Karen Gillan had appeared on the show in different roles prior to being cast in their recurring roles as the Doctor’s companion.

-The writers of Doctor Who purposely toned down the relationship between the Doctor and Amy  because they felt that relationships between Doctor and his companions had become too “adult” boyfriend and girlfriend and they wanted it to be more childish and innocent like Peter Pan and Wendy.

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